Pro Race-Based Affirmative Action

Annotated Bibliography on Race, Gender, and Affirmative Action -- Impressive! Compiled by Prof. Elizabeth Anderson, University of Michigan. Includes arguments both for and against affirmative action policies; outcome studies of affirmative action and alternatives to it; all Supreme Court and major Federal Court cases; and links to other sources on the web.

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights - "Consists of more than 185 national organizations, representing persons of color, women, children, labor unions, individuals with disabilities, older Americans, major religious groups, gays and lesbians, and civil liberties and human rights groups." Its website library has more than 100 articles on Affirmative Action.

Civil Rights Project at Harvard - Assessing "the prospects for justice and equal opportunity under law for racial and ethnic minorities in the United States." Books, special reports, and working papers are sponsored by the Project.

American Association of University Professors - "Diversity and Affirmative Action in Higher Education." Policy statements, articles, and background documents http://www.aaup.org/AAUP/issuesed/diversity/

More or Less Neutral

University of Michigan - Information on UM Admissions Lawsuits.
A trove of legal documents from Gratz v. Bollinger and Grutter v. Bollinger, the two Supreme Court cases charging racial preference in undergraduate and law school admissions, respectively. Includes the conflicting decisions in federal district court, as well as arguments by plaintiffs and defendants, and pro-Michigan expert testimony and amicus briefs.

The Affirmative Action and Diversity Project: "A Web Page for Research."
Large collection of articles and book excerpts on AA and related topics, e.g., changing definitions of discrimination, economics of AA, quotas and proportional representation, merit, culture and AA, individual vs. group rights, and alternatives to AA. Favors AA, but includes critical views.

The Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy - "The Affirmative Action Debate."
Six 1997 articles on the pros and cons of affirmative action. Note especially the two by Robert Fullinwider, author of the superb 1980 book, The Reverse Discrimination Controversy.

The Claremont Institute - "A Citizen's Guide to the Affirmative Action Debate."
A useful article describing the contrary definitions and assumptions of the opposing sides in the fight over California's ballot initiative (Proposition 209) to end state discrimination or preference based on race.

Anti Racial Preference

Center for Equal Opportunity - Publications and Testimony on Racial Preference.
A non-profit, educational organization that sponsors statistical analyses to determine the extent of racial preference in public university admissions. The analyses are online, along with articles and congressional testimony against racial preference.

Discriminations -- A blogsite targeting racial discrimination, especially preferences.
The site features highly intelligent, deftly satirical commentary on current positions, proposals, and policies, interspersed with relevant data and historical background. The principal contributor is John Rosenberg, but viewer response is welcomed.

Adversity.Net - "A Civil Rights Organization for Color Blind, Race Blind, and Gender Blind Justice." "Non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and our leaders of the deep and devastating impact of racial preferences, race-based targets, goals, and quotas. Special features include detailed case studies of victims of 'reverse discrimination.'"

Center for Individual Rights - Information about Lawsuits challenging Racial Preference. A non-profit, public interest law firm which sponsored the leading recent lawsuits against racial preference in public university admissions: Hopwood v. Texas, Smith v. Washington, Gratz v. Bollinger and Grutter v. Bollinger.